Every year, the city of Oceanside, California, celebrates the freedom of the nation with an Independence Day parade. It is a great experience to bring the family to in the morning long before the fireworks light up the night skies. To best enjoy the parade, though, you will want to make sure that your family stays safe before and during it. The following tips will help with that.

1. Double-Check the Schedule

What day is the Oceanside Independence Parade? If you said July 4, you fell for the trick question. As a matter of fact, the parade is being held on the Saturday just before July 4 — June 29.

Double-checking the time and days of any event, let alone the parade, won’t just prevent you or your family from being disappointed, though. It will also keep you from being in a rush on the day of. By extension, you’ll be keeping yourself safe, as rushing often leads to accidents.

2. Plan Your Trip

The Independence Parade route follows city roads, which means that many of them will be shut down ahead of time. Most drivers will be aware of the closed roads and take the proper steps to avoid them. Some, though, are bound to learn about the closures the hard way, which means they’ll be making unexpected U-turns or backing up on one-way streets near the parade.

With that in mind, you need to plan to avoid those roads and watch for confused drivers so that you don’t end up in a car accident. Similarly, stay on the sidewalks when walking to the parade from your car or home to avoid a pedestrian accident.

3. Watch Your Belongings

Large crowds make for the perfect hunting grounds for thieves. When everyone is bumping into each other, you may not even notice if someone grabs your wallet or purse. Similarly, if you place anything on the ground, make sure you keep an eye or hand on it at all times.

A better option is to simply avoid bringing anything that you would be upset about losing. If you carry only house keys and a small amount of cash in a very secure location on your person, you won’t have to put much effort into monitoring your surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the parade in full.

4. Be Wary of Dogs

Many people like to bring their family dog when they go out in Oceanside. And though there is nothing inherently wrong with that, dogs may not react well to the large crowds at the Oceanside Independence Parade. Therefore, if you see a dog in the crowd, you should probably keep your distance. An excited dog is more likely to bite, even if it doesn’t feel threatened. 

5. Plan for Possible Separation

Lastly, keep in mind that large crowds make it difficult to keep groups together. That can be frightening if you are the parent of a child who gets separated from you, but instead of panicking, you should plan for the possibility.

If your children are old enough, make sure they have a phone with them. Additionally, regardless of their age, make sure they know where they should go if they get separated from you. It could be a shop that you and your family often visit or perhaps the location of the nearest police officer. Even if they don’t have a phone, if they have your phone number, they can contact you with the help of another.

Have Fun With a Good Plan

A solid plan will keep you and your family safe at this year’s Oceanside Independence Parade. It is always better to take extra time to prepare than to suffer an injury or loss later.

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