Dog parks are not a liability-free zone. While dog parks may be a place where the city suspends its leash laws, the laws that govern liability for human or animal injury still apply. In addition, dog parks are not the place for un-neutered male dogs, aggressive dogs, or un-socialized puppies.

Dog parks exist so that dogs and owners can relax and play in a free, open space. Any dogs likely to cause trouble are not welcome and any trouble a dog causes is still the owner’s responsibility.

Dog Bites Insurance – Liability

Some dog parks post warning signs that limit liability. However, the signs mostly release the city from liability for any injuries that occur. Dog owners can still be held responsible if their dog bites or injure anyone.

While there is very little law that directly applies to dog park injuries, most courts will side with the predominant opinions that point to laying the burden on the owner of the aggressive dog.


The law is on your side if you or your dog was attacked at a dog park. You have to contact a dog bite lawyer immediately so that you and the lawyer can begin to collect sufficient evidence to bring suit against the other dog owner. You will locate eye witnesses and get medical records from your doctor and your veterinarian. The sooner you ask a lawyer for help, the more likely the case will settle in your favor.

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