Dog attacks are common, and if you want to avoid bites, you need to be careful, especially with a dog you have never met before. Here are a few ways in which you may unintentionally cause a dog to get his hackles up (literally).

  • Raising your voice – Yelling makes a dog anxious. It doesn’t matter if you are yelling at the dog, the owner, or even just excited about what you are saying. Be cautious about raising your voice around a dog.
  • Touching its face – This isn’t true of all dogs, but many dogs do not like to have their face touched. Stick to the neck or shoulders unless you know the dog well.
  • Challenging eye contact – Eye contact is for communication within the pack. A stranger holding eye contact may be viewed as a threat.
  • Wearing strong scents – Dogs have sensitive noses and dislike strong odors. A strong perfume or even deodorant may put a dog off.
  • Your mood – Dogs are very sensitive to the moods of humans – If you are angry or even sad, it can make a dog feel stressed. If you are not in a good mood, it is best to avoid meeting a new dog.

If You Have Been Injured By Someone’s Dog

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