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What Do I Do If Someone Gets Hurt at My Wedding?

People slip and fall. And while you hope nothing like that would ever happen at your wedding (birthday party, anniversary, or business meeting), sometimes people get drunk, rowdy, or careless. Accidents happen, and if you’re not careful, you could be become a defendant in an expensive civil case. If you are hosting an event at… read more

Dog Park Liabilities

Dog parks are not a liability-free zone. While dog parks may be a place where the city suspends its leash laws, the laws that govern liability for human or animal injury still apply. In addition, dog parks are not the place for un-neutered male dogs, aggressive dogs, or un-socialized puppies. Dog parks exist so that… read more

Can I Sue for Slander on Facebook?

In short, yes. However, because it’s written words, you would sue for libel. Can I Sue Facebook For Posting It? No. Generally, companies like Twitter and Facebook are not responsible for the content people post. In addition, the companies that host those websites are generally not liable for the content of the websites. You have… read more