California has one of the highest rates of accidents in the country, partly due to the sprawling network of highways, interstates, and roadways totaling more than 16,000 miles (or 50,000 lane miles). 

Although an accident can happen anywhere over these 16,000 miles, some stretches of the road are more dangerous or have a higher instance of accidents than others.

The Four Most Dangerous Highway Segments in California

The four deadliest stretches of road in the state are:

  • SR-62, which runs from Palm Springs to the Arizona border
  • SR-2, also known as the Angeles Crest Scenic Byway
  • I-8, running from San Diego to Casa Grande
  • SR-78, a mountainous road in North County San Diego that runs through the Mountains of Cuyamaca

While these are the deadliest locations, severe accidents can happen anywhere. Driving defensively and remaining focused on the road is your best chance of avoiding an accident.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Southern California

Breaking down highway fatalities by county, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles County has the highest number of fatalities, with many specific highways that are especially dangerous. Riverside is the next most dangerous. A six-mile stretch in Bakersfield, CA, on Union Avenue, is another dangerous section of road in SoCal.

Several of the interstates in the southern part of the state are also dangerous, including:

  • I-405 running through Los Angeles
  • I-5 in Los Angeles
  • Historic Route 66 going through the Angeles National Forest in Hesperia
  • I-10 in San Bernardino

Although San Diego has a population second only to Los Angeles, it has fewer sections of roadways with a high instance of fatalities. The most dangerous highway in San Diego is a 10-mile section of I-8 (discussed above) in the Mission Valley neighborhood.

The Deadliest Stretches in Northern California

Northern California has just two more stretches of dangerous highway than Los Angeles County, but that doesn’t mean that drivers can rest easy when driving through the upper part of the state. The deadliest segment of road in NorCal is part of Interstate 880, running through Milpitas.

Other dangerous parts of Northern California roadways include:

  • The 4.68-mile stretch of SR-183 from Salinas to Castroville
  • A nearly 38-mile stretch of US-101 from San Jose to San Mateo
  • Part of SR-99 just south of Sacramento
  • A more than 220-mile stretch of SR-99 traveling through Modesto

San Francisco, one of the most densely populated parts of the state with many different interstates and highways traveling through its locale, actually did not have a significant stretch of highway to note relative to those listed.

Other Dangerous Parts of California Roadways

Although certain small stretches of the road may have a higher number of fatalities per mile, there are some honorable mentions of severe accidents in the state. It’s a good idea to drive defensively when traveling in these areas:

  • I-10 in every metro area of the state, but especially in Los Angeles County
  • SR-138 between Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, aka “Death Trap Highway”
  • I-5, which is an integral part of the California roadway system, particularly in Orange County
  • I-15, especially the stretch between Los Angeles and Las Vegas
  • SR-126, aka “Bloody Alley,” in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties along the Santa Clara River

If you have been injured on one of these deadly sections of California roadways, or even on a not-so-deadly one, an experienced car accident lawyer can help you secure damages and compensation. 

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