Many of us think we know what to do after a car accident. But when it actually happens, it’s easy to feel lost and make mistakes. These moments can be scary and confusing. And guess what? Insurance companies often jump at the chance to use these mistakes against you.

So, to keep you on the right track, Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers in Carlsbad, CA, has put together this essential list of dos and don’ts after a car accident. This way, you can stay informed and protect your rights. 

What You Should Do After an Auto Accident

Right after a car accident, it’s crucial to stay focused and take the right steps. Here’s a quick list of what you should do:

  • Contact Emergency Services: Dial 911 to bring police and EMTs to the scene for safety and injury checks. Under California law, a driver involved in an accident must report it to the police department or the California Highway Patrol if the crash resulted in injury, death, or property damage of at least $1,000.
  • Document the Scene with Photos: Capture images of all vehicles and the overall accident scene, including any relevant signs or marks.
  • Seek Medical Evaluation: Even if you feel okay, get checked by a doctor to document your condition.
  • Gather Witness Information: Collect names and contact details of any witnesses, or note their vehicle’s license plate if they prefer not to share personal information.
  • Stay Calm and Assess: First, ensure you and others are safe and assess for any immediate dangers.
  • Exchange Vital Information: Swap names, contacts, and insurance details with other involved drivers.
  • Cooperate Fully with Law Enforcement: Provide all necessary information to the police for their report.
  • Maintain and Organize All Documents: Keep all medical records, insurance correspondence, and receipts in one place.
  • Record Your Memories and Recovery: Write down your recollections of the accident and keep a journal of your recovery process.
  • Notify Your Insurance Provider: Report the accident to your insurance company as required by your policy, but seek legal advice from a car accident lawyer first if possible.

Remember, these steps aren’t just about legalities; they’re about your safety and well-being. Whether it’s ensuring your health or protecting your rights, each step is important in the aftermath of a car accident.

What You Shouldn’t Do Following a Car Accident

In the tense moments after a car crash, it’s just as important to know what not to do. Here are key actions to avoid:

  • Admit Fault: Never say it’s your fault. There might be factors you’re unaware of. Let professionals determine the cause.
  • Have Discussions with Other Parties’ Insurers: Only exchange insurance details. Leave the rest of the conversations to your attorney.
  • Leave the Scene: It’s crucial to stay put after an accident. Leaving could lead to serious legal consequences.
  • Discuss Your Case on Social Media: Be careful with what you post online. Insurance companies might use your social media activity to argue against your case. For example, vacation photos could be misconstrued as evidence that you’re not injured. 
  • Give Recorded Statements or Sign Anything: Don’t provide recorded statements or sign documents without consulting your lawyer.
  • Hesitate to Ask Questions: Always feel free to ask your lawyer any questions. It helps you understand your case and rights better.
  • Be Dishonest with Your Lawyer: Always be truthful with your lawyer. Hiding facts can make your case more difficult.
  • Disregard Property Damages: Don’t overlook any property damage. Your lawyer can assist with these claims, too.
  • Settle Matters Privately: Always involve the police, regardless of the accident’s severity. Their report is vital for any future legal actions.
  • Say Too Much: Be mindful of what you say at the scene. Stick to the facts and avoid unnecessary discussions.

These steps are crucial in protecting your rights and interests after a motor vehicle crash. Remember, what you do and don’t do in these moments can significantly impact the outcome of any legal issues or claims.

An Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Can Maximize Your Claim

For better or worse, the aftermath of a car accident can dramatically influence the success of any legal claims for compensation you might have. Getting legal advice from a qualified car accident attorney as soon as you can is the best way to preserve your right to take action and recover full compensation.

Most lawyers in this field of law offer a free initial consultation to review your case as well. And, with the contingency fee structure that most car accident attorneys utilize, you only pay them if they successfully handle your case.

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