Food banks and other non-profit organizations have to be careful about what goods they serve. Restaurants have to be careful about the food they donate. If you work for a restaurant looking to donate food, or a non-profit looking to distribute food, contact a personal injury attorney to ensure that you are not exposed to any liabilities.

Risks of Donating Non-Refrigerated Food

Food that needs to be refrigerated spoils quickly, and the chain of custody has to be certified and reliable at every step. So unless the non-profit organization looking to serve the food has a refrigerated van, the food can spoil between the restaurant and the non-profit’s donation center.

What Food Should Organizations Donate?

Non-refrigerated food like bread can spoil but might be an acceptable donation. Bread and pastry can grow mold, but mold at a toxic level is visible. Generally, bread donations don’t expose the giver or receiver to much liability as long as the bread is relatively fresh. Day-old bread is a great way to contribute to the needy.

Food banks often don’t accept fresh produce or bread simply because they don’t have the storage capacity to ensure the donations will last. If you are looking to donate fresh, non-refrigerated items, contact individual donation centers to ask about specific policies.

With the number of people that suffer from hunger, unused food is a sad waste. However, with the proper channels, you can use a lot of fresh food to help out during the holiday season.

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