Boomers Vista is a family-friendly attraction in Vista, California. The amusement park offers a range of activities, including laser tag, miniature golf, bumper boats, an arcade room, and batting cages.

Most families enjoy their days at Boomers Vista without incident. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all visitors. Some individuals leave the park with memories of pain and suffering after an injury.

Read on to learn about your legal rights and options for getting compensation after a personal injury sustained at Boomers Vista.

What Causes Accidents and Injuries at Amusement Parks Like Boomers Vista?

There are many reasons why people are injured while at amusement parks. Sometimes, an employee’s negligence and carelessness cause an accident. In other instances, another visitor might be responsible, or the park itself could be liable.

Examples of accidents and incidents that can cause someone to get injured at Boomers Vista include:

  • Failure to correct hazards and dangerous conditions on the grounds
  • Lack of warning signs and barriers
  • Failing to maintain rides and attractions
  • Lack of trained employees to supervise rides
  • Visitor misuse and reckless
  • Inadequate training for park employees
  • Mechanical failure and defective materials or parts
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dangerous or broken rides and attractions

If you get injured at Boomers Vista, you could have a claim under one or more California tort actions, including negligence, intentional torts, and strict liability.

Your claim could fall under premises liability or product liability. A Vista personal injury lawyer can investigate your accident to determine your legal options for recovering compensation for damages.

Common Injuries People Sustain at Vista Amusement Parks

Accidents at an amusement park can result in severe injuries. Accidents at Boomers Vista and other parks can include:

If you are injured at Boomers Vista, report the injury immediately to park officials. Seek prompt medical treatment for your injuries. Even if you or your child appear fine, it is best to be checked by a doctor. Some injuries might not appear serious until a few hours or days after the accident.

What Damages Can I Recover for an Injury or Accident at Boomers Vista in California?

Damages are the harm and losses you experience after an accident or injury. They include your economic damages, which are your financial losses and expenses. They also include your non-economic damages, which include the pain and suffering you experience.

Examples of damages you could receive for an accident claim at Boomers Vista include:

  • The cost of medical treatment, including urgent care, hospitalizations, doctor’s bills, and more
  • Rehabilitative care, including physical and occupational therapies
  • Loss of income, including lost wages and decreased earning capacity
  • Emotional distress, physical discomfort, and mental anguish
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, including personal care and household services
  • Disabilities, impairments, scarring, and disfigurements
  • Loss of enjoyment of life and diminished quality of life

The value of your damages depends on your injuries and the circumstances of your accident. Documenting your damages increases the chance you receive compensation for the total of your losses.

Checklist for What To Do After an Injury at Boomers Vista

If you or your child is injured at Boomers Vista, try to keep these things in mind:

  • Secure immediate medical treatment
  • Report the accident to the park managers
  • Gather evidence if possible, including taking photographs of the area and asking witnesses for their contact information
  • Document your injuries by taking photographs and through medical records
  • Avoid giving statements and answering questions without legal advice

You may want to speak with an attorney before you give statements or answer questions. Your comments could be used to blame you for causing your injuries. If so, the park might assert contributory fault to deny your claim or undervalue your damages.

Who Is Responsible for an Injury at Boomers Vista in Vista, CA?

If the owners of the facilities were negligent, they could be liable for damages. However, other parties could also be liable. For example, a manufacturer could be responsible for damages if a defective ride caused an injury. Another patron may be responsible if they intentionally cause your injuries.

The best way to determine who could be responsible for your damages is to speak with a Vista personal injury lawyer. Attorneys in this field of law generally offer free consultations, so speaking with a lawyer does not cost you anything.

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