People slip and fall. And while you hope nothing like that would ever happen at your wedding (birthday party, anniversary, or business meeting), sometimes people get drunk, rowdy, or careless. Accidents happen, and if you’re not careful, you could be become a defendant in an expensive civil case.

If you are hosting an event at a rented space and someone gets hurt, you will need to hire a personal injury attorney to create a proper defense. Generally, there are three parties involved in circumstances like these: the host (you), the injured party, and the event venue.

Although the event venue may not have insisted that you carry an insurance policy to cover such accidents, you might have agreed, unknowingly, to have one. Buried in the small print of the contract you signed allowing you to use a hotel banquet hall or conference room, there was probably a clause about the host having an insurance policy.

If someone gets hurt on site, the hotel (or other event venue) will pull out the contract, highlight the clause, and claim that you are responsible for covering the medical bills.

If the injured party decides to get a lawyer, you will have no choice but to hire one for yourself. If you are facing an injured party, hire a lawyer to get your defence in place before you see your name on a civil lawsuit filing.

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