Airbag Injuries

Combined with seatbelts, front and side airbags can reduce the risk of injury and death in a car crash. However, when an airbag malfunctions or is defective, the vehicle occupants can sustain severe harm. Airbag injuries can also occur when the airbag operates correctly. If you were injured by an airbag in Oceanside, CA, you could receive compensation for your damages.

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How Our Oceanside Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You With an Airbag Injury Claim

How Our Oceanside Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You With an Airbag Injury Claim

If you sustain airbag injuries, seek immediate medical treatment. Try to preserve evidence by having your vehicle inspected by a certified professional. It is also wise to seek legal advice as soon as possible to protect your rights and exercise your options for recovering compensation for your injuries.

Airbag injury claims are complicated personal injury cases. They involve technical evidence. Therefore, experience matters when you hire an Oceanside car accident attorney.

Our team at Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers has extensive experience handling accident cases. We are equipped to handle the most complex claims. Numerous organizations recognize our award-winning lawyers for their exceptional client service and legal skills.

When you hire our top-rated car accident attorneys in Oceanside, we’ll handle all matters related to your claim. You can expect us to:

  • Investigate the cause of your injuries to determine how the airbag caused them
  • Work with leading expert witnesses and gather evidence to strengthen your claim
  • Document damages to assess how much your airbag injury case is worth
  • Defend you against allegations of comparative fault
  • File insurance claims and negotiate fair settlements
  • Monitor deadlines to file claims and lawsuits
  • File a lawsuit and take your case to trial if the other parties refuse to negotiate in good faith

Determining if the car crash or a defective airbag caused accident injuries can be challenging. In some situations, the accident and a defective airbag could have contributed to the cause of your injuries. Therefore, more than one party could be liable for your damages.

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Common Causes of Airbag Injuries in Oceanside, CA

Airbags inflate in less than 1/20th of a second. A sensor sends a signal to the airbag, causing a chemical reaction. The gas inflates the airbag immediately to provide cushion and protection during the collision. The airbag prevents the person from striking the steering wheel, dashboard, or door.

Common causes of airbag injuries include:

  • Failing to use a seatbelt
  • Placing a child, small adult, or pregnant woman in the front seat
  • Sitting too close to the airbag
  • Defects in the design or manufacture of the airbag
  • Incorrectly installed airbags
  • Using counterfeit or fake airbags
  • Problems with the chemicals and inflation
  • Defects in a vehicle’s design or manufacture that results in malfunctions in signaling the airbag
  • Exploding airbags causing shrapnel to fly into the car’s interior

One or more parties could be liable for damages caused by airbag injuries. A manufacturer could be responsible if the airbag was defective. A mechanic or repair shop may be accountable if the airbag injuries were caused by faulty installation. An at-fault driver could be liable if the airbag injuries are a natural result of the collision.

Airbags Can Cause Severe Injuries and Death

Many accident victims sustain minor injuries from the sudden inflation of an airbag. The force of the airbag inflating combined with the force of the collision can cause neck strain, facial and chest bruises, and facial fractures.

However, airbags can also cause severe injuries and life-threatening conditions. It depends on the factors involved in the crash and whether there was a problem or defect with the airbag.

Common airbag injuries include:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Chest injuries and cracked ribs
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Severe burns
  • Internal bleeding
  • Neck injuries and whiplash
  • Irritation to the eyes, lungs, throat, and/or skin
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Lacerations and abrasions
  • Vision loss and eye injuries
  • Injuries to the lungs and heart
  • Hearing damage and ear trauma

Seek immediate medical treatment after a car accident. Documenting your injuries is crucial. You must prove that the collision or other factors caused the airbag injuries to recover damages.

What Damages Are Available in an Airbag Injury Claim in Oceanside, California?

You could recover compensation for your economic damages, including lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and medical bills. If you suffer a permanent injury, you could also receive future damages for reduced earning capacity and ongoing medical costs.

Personal injury claims also include non-economic damages, such as physical pain and emotional distress. If you sustain life-long injuries, you could also receive money for diminished quality of life, permanent disabilities, and disfigurement.

Our Oceanside airbag injury attorneys will work with you, your doctors, medical specialists, and other experts to document the extent of your injuries and damages. The goal is to maximize the value of damages to increase the value of your case.

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