How To Be a Safe Driver To Motorcyclists

California experiences a lot of motorcycle accidents. And despite the state’s universal helmet law, these crashes injure or kill hundreds of motorcyclists every year.

After a motorcycle accident, liability will depend on whether any of the people involved in the crash acted negligently. Thus, a key to avoiding liability for a motorcycle accident is learning how to be a safe driver. 

If you were the motorcyclist who was hit, a Vista motorcycle accident attorney from Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers can assess your case based on what went wrong. Contact our Vista, CA law firm today at (619) 344-0360 to schedule a free case evaluation.

How Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Vista, CA

How Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Vista, CA

Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers is a law firm that provides legal services to accident victims in Vista, California. Since the firm was founded in 2012, our lawyers have recovered over $40 million in compensation for our clients.

After a crash that causes injury or death, our Vista motorcycle accident lawyers can provide the following:

  • A free consultation to help you understand your legal rights and options
  • A team with over 20 years of combined experience to negotiate or litigate your claim
  • Contingency fee representation, so you pay nothing until we recover compensation for you

A motorcycle crash can cause severe injuries to your limbs, head, and neck. Contact Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers to discuss your accident and who may bear liability for your damages.

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Happen in Vista, CA?

According to California’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), in 2022, Vista experienced 28 motorcycle crashes that caused injury or death.

Looking at county-wide statistics, San Diego County sat behind Los Angeles County in total motorcycle accidents for 2022. That year, over 12% of all motorcycle crashes in California occurred in San Diego County. The top four counties — Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino — accounted for 49% of the state’s motorcycle accidents.

Ways To Improve Motorcyclist Safety in California

Motorcycle crashes happen for many reasons. That said, research suggests that the fault for a majority of collisions between motorcycles and motor vehicles falls on the motor vehicle driver rather than the motorcyclist. Thus, drivers may have the power to single-handedly cut the number of motorcycle crashes in half.

Some ways drivers can safely drive around motorcyclists include:

Watch For Motorcycles

One of the top causes of motorcycle crashes is drivers looking but not seeing motorcyclists. This phenomenon, called inattentional blindness, happens when drivers fail to accord attention to motorcycles, bikes, and pedestrians.

The driver’s brain has a subconscious bias against these road users because it becomes so accustomed to spotting cars. As a result, the driver appears to pay attention while driving but still fails to recognize motorcycles in plain view.

Scientists have verified inattentional blindness. In one experiment, drivers in a simulator were twice as likely to miss a motorcycle as a taxi, even though both appeared in the same location during the simulation.

Fortunately, drivers who make an effort to remain aware of motorcycles can overcome this blindness. One particular place you can watch for motorcycles is in your blind spots. According to SWITRS, over 9% of motorcycle crashes result from unsafe lane changes.

Yield When Turning

One of the most common motorcycle accident scenarios is when a vehicle turns left across the path of an oncoming motorcycle. According to one study, a crash resulting from a left-turn-across-path (LTAP) was the most harmful type of motorcycle accident.

These crashes happen when a driver:

  • Misjudges the distance or speed of a motorcycle
  • Tries to beat the motorcyclist through the intersection
  • Fails to spot an approaching motorcycle

In all three of these cases, a driver can avoid hitting the motorcycle by spotting and yielding to the motorcyclist as required by law.

Remain Aware of Lane Splitting

California was the first state to allow lane splitting. In this maneuver, motorcyclists can ride on lane lines between travel lanes. This maneuver enables motorcyclists to reduce their risk of getting rear-ended while stuck in traffic.

But lane splitting exposes motorcyclists to sideswipe accidents when drivers move into them while changing lanes. Motorcyclists can also get injured if a driver opens their door while stopped in an active traffic lane.

You can reduce the risk to motorcyclists while lane splitting by remaining aware that motorcycles might pass you even when your vehicle is stopped.

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