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As the victim of sexual assault in Vista, California, you have rights. Through a personal injury lawsuit, you can take legal action against your attacker and fight to hold them personally responsible for the harm and suffering they’ve inflicted. The experienced Vista sexual assault lawyers at Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers can help you navigate this difficult time and work toward the maximum financial award you deserve.

Since 2012, victims of sexual assault and other violent crimes have turned to Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers for help in their times of need. As award-winning California trial attorneys with 20+ years of experience, we’ve demonstrated an unrivaled ability to take on tough cases and win big for our clients.

Our law firm has won over $40 million in settlements and jury awards. Today, we’re here to fight to get you the best results in your sexual assault lawsuit.

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How Our Vista Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted

How Our Vista Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted

The person who sexually assaulted you might be brought up on criminal charges. While this can provide some peace of mind, it won’t do much to help you cope with the costs and trauma of your assault. Fortunately, California law gives you the right to take legal action of your own.

When you file a civil sexual assault lawsuit, you can demand personal accountability from the person who attacked you and changed your life forever. Our Vista personal injury attorneys can help you make the most of your legal case.

When you choose Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers, you’ll get a team of top-rated litigators in your corner and benefit from the compassionate, personalized legal representation you deserve.

You’ll be able to trust us to handle all aspects of your sexual assault lawsuit; we will:

  • Carefully review the results of investigations conducted by local law enforcement
  • Launch an independent inquiry into your sexual assault case
  • Obtain medical records, police reports, witness statements, video footage, photographs, clothing, forensic reports, and other evidence
  • Consult medical specialists, psychologists, sexual assault experts, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and other experts
  • Determine if anyone other than the defendant might be liable for your sexual assault
  • Prepare and submit all claims and supporting documentation on your behalf
  • Aggressively pursue a top-dollar settlement during negotiations with the defendant, their attorney, and/or other liable parties
  • Passionately argue your case in front of a San Diego County, CA jury if you don’t receive a fair settlement

Now is the time to take action if you’ve been sexually assaulted in Vista, California. Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers is here to help. We work on contingency, so it will cost absolutely nothing to ask for our help unless we win your sexual assault lawsuit.

Give us a call to learn more. Your first consultation with a sexual assault attorney in Vista is free.

Decades of Experience Advocating For Victims of Sexual Assault in Vista, CA

Sexual assault affects the lives of millions of Americans every year. Unfortunately, sexual assault is a reality for thousands who live in San Diego County, too. Local police in San Diego received at least 2,691 reports of sexual assault between 2018 and June 2022.  Unfortunately, just 10 percent of these reports resulted in an arrest.

The silver lining is that criminal charges aren’t the only way to get justice after being sexually assaulted in Vista or surrounding towns in San Diego.

At Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve represented countless victims of sexual assault in civil cases involving:

  • Molestation
  • Groping
  • Sodomy
  • Date rape
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Institutional sexual abuse

Experience matters in these situations. For more than 20 years, our sexual assault lawyers in Vista have skillfully navigated these complex legal disputes and helped victims like you achieve life-changing results. Put our experience to work for you by calling our law office for help today.

How Do I Prove Civil Sexual Assault in California?

Sexual assault isn’t just a crime in California. It’s also a tort. A tort is a civil wrong, which can give rise to a lawsuit for damages.

In California, civil sexual assault is called sexual battery.

While there are many ways to frame sexual battery in California, the general definition involves intending to and successfully causing harmful or offensive sexual contact with another person without their consent.

When you file a civil sexual assault lawsuit, you’ll have the burden of proving one of the following:

  • The defendant intended to cause offensive contact with an intimate part of your body and succeeded;
  • The defendant intended to cause offensive contact by use of a sex organ and succeeded;
  • The defendant’s actions caused an imminent fear of offensive or harmful sexual contact; or
  • The defendant made offensive physical contact with an intimate part of your body after removing a condom without your consent.

As the plaintiff in a civil action, you will carry the burden of proof. In California, this means proving your sexual assault lawsuit by a preponderance of the evidence. This is much lower than the standard in criminal sexual assault cases, which is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Victims of Sexual Assault Can Suffer Debilitating Injuries

Sexual assault victims in Vista, CA can suffer serious, potentially life-changing injuries, including:

If you’ve been sexually assaulted, make it a priority to seek medical treatment right away. Don’t shower, and don’t change your clothes – critical evidence can be washed away if you do. Once you’ve sought treatment, call our sexual assault attorneys in Vista to learn about your rights and discuss legal action.

Who Could Be Liable For Sexual Assault in Vista, California?

You can file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who sexually assaulted you in Vista, CA. However, they’re not the only party that could be liable for your injuries.

In some cases, other parties can be liable for a sexual assault. You may have the right to hold them accountable for your injuries, too.

Potentially liable parties might include:

  • Your attacker’s employer if they were working at the time of the incident
  • The owner or management of a bar, restaurant, or nightclub in Vista where the assault occurred
  • A hotel or another business in Vista, if negligent security contributed to the assault
  • A member of the clergy if you were sexually assaulted after putting your trust in a religious institution
  • A teacher, coach, or another person of authority

Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case and consider the facts of your assault. If we determine that liability extends beyond your attacker, we won’t hesitate to take legal action on your behalf.

What Types of Damages Can I Recover in a Vista Sexual Assault Claim?

When you file a sexual assault lawsuit in Vista, you can pursue compensation for your financial losses and harder-to-value trauma.

Known as economic damages and non-economic damages, an award can potentially include money for:

Punitive damages might also be available in your action against your attacker. Under California law, a jury can award punitive damages when there’s convincing evidence that a defendant’s actions were malicious or intentional. 

Trust our sexual assault lawyers in Vista to help you fight to get every cent you deserve. We’ll build a compelling legal claim and work closely with experts throughout the process. When it’s time to negotiate a settlement, the other side will have no choice but to engage in meaningful conversations about helping you obtain the monetary award you deserve.

How Long Will I Have to File a Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit in California?

It depends on when you were sexually assaulted.

If you’re an adult, you’ll have ten years from the date of your sexual assault or three years of its discovery to take legal action.

If you were sexually abused as a child, California law might give you until your 40th birthday or within five years of discovering the abuse to file a lawsuit. 

However, it’s best to consult an attorney as soon as possible to determine the deadline that applies to your situation.

Do not let the statute of limitations expire. Once time runs out, so does your opportunity to file a lawsuit and demand the financial justice you deserve.

Protect yourself and take the stress of time constraints off your shoulders by calling Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers for help right away.

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We’ll thoroughly investigate your case and work to hold anyone who contributed to your sexual assault accountable. Through an aggressive legal claim, we can fight to get you the maximum financial award you need and deserve.

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