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If you were injured in a jackknife accident in Vista, CA, our Vista jackknife accident lawyers at Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers can help you fight for compensation to cover the costs of your injuries.

Massive vehicles like big rig trucks can cause devastation when in any type of accident, but when they jackknife, it can be especially catastrophic.

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You have nothing to lose because we operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no attorney fees unless we are able to secure a financial award on your behalf.

How Can Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers Help You After a Jackknife Accident in Vista, CA?

How Can Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers Help You After a Jackknife Accident in Vista CA

Traffic accidents can take an enormous toll on your life physically, emotionally, and financially.

Ideally, you should be focused on healing and recovery. Unfortunately, as medical bills and other expenses continue to pile up, it’s likely that your mind is distracted from your health. We can help you get your peace of mind back.

Our Vista personal injury attorneys have the skill and experience to build a strong case. We will do everything we can to ensure you get the money you need to ease your mind about your financial burdens.

If you choose Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers to represent you in your jackknife accident case, our Vista truck accident lawyers will:

  • Independently investigate your accident 
  • Gather and examine evidence such as crash reports, eyewitness statements, and surveillance footage 
  • Consult with leading California experts to strengthen your case 
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and other parties to maximize your compensation 
  • Represent you at trial if necessary

Let us handle all communications. If you try to settle with insurance companies on your own, they will likely do everything they can to take advantage of you. They will either deny your claim altogether or convince you to settle for much less than your case is actually worth.

We won’t let that happen if we’re representing you. We know the tricks of the insuran trade, and we won’t let them manipulate you when you’re in such a vulnerable state.

Contact our Vista, California, law office about your case. Your initial consultation is free and without obligation.

What Is a Jackknife Accident?

When the trailer of a big rig is not aligned with the tractor, it moves from side to side and can eventually end up in either a “V” position or an “L” position. This is called a jackknife accident.

If the driver brakes hard, for example, the truck may skid. If the wheels can’t get enough traction to stop, the trailer will swing.

Causes of jackknife accidents include:

  • Speeding and suddenly hitting the brakes
  • Not maintaining enough distance to stop safely (tailgating)
  • Sharp turns
  • Inclement weather
  • Improper cargo loading
  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance

In some cases, truck drivers do not have the training or experience to handle a tractor trailer when it loses control.

Why Are Jackknife Injuries So Dangerous?

Injuries sustained in a jackknife accident can be especially severe due to the size and intensity of impact from tractor trailers.

When the trailer slides to either side but remains attached to the tractor part of the truck, the tractor is essentially being led by the back trailer.

Like a reptilian tail, the trailer hits everything in its path, including other vehicles, and sweeps them forward. It happens so suddenly that other cars, bikes, motorcycles (or even pedestrians if on local roadways) are not able to move out of the trailer’s path.

As a result, jackknife accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and massive property damage.

What Kinds of Injuries Do Jackknife Accidents Cause?

The many injuries that could result from a jackknife accident include:

Whatever your injuries may be, our Vista jackknife accident lawyers at Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers will work tirelessly to get you the money you need so you can heal.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit?

All states have a limit on the amount of time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit

This statute of limitations in California is only two years. If you miss this deadline, the chance to recover compensation will be lost. Don’t take that unnecessary risk.

Contact Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers After a Vista Jackknife Accident

If you were injured in a jackknife accident in Vista, California, call our Vista jackknife accident attorneys today. You need accomplished, experienced lawyers in your corner. 

Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers can help you navigate the legal system after a truck accident. Recovering from the trauma is difficult enough. You shouldn’t have to be worried about financial issues on top of that. 

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