Vista Head-On Crash Lawyer

If you were recently injured in a head-on crash in Vista, California, you should be compensated for your injuries. Our Vista head-on crash lawyers at Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers can help you fight for the money you need to assist with your recovery.

Head-on collisions are among the most traumatic traffic accidents. The fear of watching another vehicle come directly at you can take a major toll on you. The last thing on your mind should be trying to figure out the legal process to hold the responsible parties accountable. Leave that to us.

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How Can Our Vista Car Accident Lawyers Help After a Head-On Collision?

How Can Our Vista Car Accident Lawyers Help After a Head-On Collision?

At Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve handled car accident cases for countless injured clients. With over 20 years of combined experience and over $40 million recovered on behalf of accident victims, our Vista personal injury lawyers have earned a reputation for getting results. 

When you engage our services after a head-on crash in Vista, CA, we will get right to work by:

  • Independently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident
  • Collecting and reviewing evidence, including police reports, hospital records, and surveillance footage
  • Locating witnesses and getting statements
  • Consulting top medical and accident experts
  • Negotiating with the insurance company and other parties

In the event the insurance company refuses to settle fairly, we will take them to court and represent you at trial. Call today for a free consultation with an experienced Vista car accident attorney.

What Causes Head-On Crashes in Vista?

While accidents happen for a variety of reasons, the following are often involved in head-on crashes:

An experienced Vista car accident lawyer knows what to look for, how to determine the cause of an accident, and who may be liable.

What Injuries Are Common in Head-On Crashes?

Unfortunately, head-on crashes can result in severe, debilitating injuries and even death. 

Survivors can sustain all types of injuries, such as: 

Physical harm is not the only injury that can occur. Many survivors of head-on crashes go through emotional distress, PTSD, anxiety, and other mental issues.

Whatever injuries you’ve sustained, we are here to help. We understand how to review medical records and consider the nature and extent of your injuries in calculating damages. 

Can I Recover Compensation If I’m Being Blamed for a Head-on Crash in Vista, California? 

California operates under a pure comparative fault rule in apportioning damages. This means that even if you carry some of the blame for the head-on accident, you are still eligible to recover damages. However, your total amount will be reduced by the percentage of your fault. 

For example, if you were 30% to blame for the accident, you would walk away with only 70% of your damages.

This is why having a skilled personal injury attorney by your side is so important. The more blame the insurance company can lay at your feet, the less it will have to pay out. We won’t let them get away with that. 

Our Vista head-on crash attorneys are well aware of all the tricks of the insurance industry. You can rest assured that we’ll push back to get you every dollar you deserve. 

How Much Time Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Head-On Crash in Vista?

States limit the amount of time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. In California, that statute of limitations is two years from the date of the accident.

Don’t wait to call us. Two years go by quickly, and you don’t want to risk missing this deadline. If you do, you will be barred from bringing a lawsuit. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin building a strong case on your behalf. Insurance companies are often more likely to settle when they know you have a strong case that could win in court. 

Call now to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We will review your case and help you understand the options available to you.

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At Petrov Personal Injury Lawyers, our car accident lawyers in Vista understand what a tough time this is for you. We will do everything we can to alleviate some of the burden by helping you fight for a financial award that covers the mounting expenses. 

In a personal injury case, you are eligible for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include your financial losses directly related to the accident, such as medical bills, lost income, and rehabilitation costs. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are for losses that are more personal in nature, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional distress.  

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